The Ingenious Design Of the Cheese Board

In daily life, the use of bamboo wooden products is increasing, especially bamboo products for kitchen. The existing bamboo wooden cutting board is usually a single structure of flat structure structure strength is poor, the surface is easy to produce knife marks when cutting debris is easy to produce while the antibacterial effect is poor, if the cleaning is not complete, it is easy to nourish bacteria and the flat structure is used to cut food materials for the convenience of various props need to be placed on the side of the cutting board to occupy a large area. Therefore, some designers have designed a bamboo wooden product that can be used as a cutting board or a cheese board through their own ingenuity.

The design of the bamboo cheese board is such that the upper plate body and the lower plate body are connected, the upper plate body is arranged on the upper side of the lower plate body, the upper left side of the upper plate body is arranged with a rotating shaft, the lower plate body is arranged with a rotating shaft hole, and the lower plate body is arranged with a number of tool placement slots, which can be used to place knives and tableware.

Bamboo cheese board is a kind of placing board used to hold cheese and cheese, but before eating, cheese and milk curd should be cut into small pieces with a cheese cutter. The existing cheese cutter and cheese board are generally separated, which is inconvenient to use or store, and the random placement of cheese cutter is easy to injure consumers. Meanwhile, the existing cheese board is mostly made of plastic material. It is difficult to degrade, not easy to be environmentally friendly, and different kinds of desserts cannot be stored in different regions. The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to overcome the above technical defects, and to provide a bamboo cheese board with protective function which is convenient for storing knives and forks, natural and environmental protection, and can classify desserts.

In foreign countries, people like to eat cheese food, cheese slices, cheese slices, these can be placed with bamboo cheese board, is a good choice. This cheese platter is very popular abroad.

Post time: Jan-02-2024