Maintenance Skills Of Bamboo Kitchen kitchen utensils

Bamboo tableware is our commonly used kitchen kitchen utensils, played a lot of roles in life, is a very good Bamboo kitchen utensils. Bamboo kitchen utensil has a natural bamboo fragrance, which is integrated into the dishes to add a different flavor to the dishes. Bamboo is a natural material, which can be naturally degraded, will not bring harm to the environment, and has little impact on the ecology.Well, bamboo kitchen kitchen utensil also needs good maintenance.

For the first use of a bamboo kitchen utensil, follow these steps:

Cleaning: First rinse the kitchen utensil thoroughly under running water to ensure that no grease or dirt remains. If you encounter stains that are difficult to remove, you can use dishwashing liquid to scrub.

Soak: After cleaning, soak the kitchen utensil in water for a while to allow the material to fully absorb the water.

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Avoid direct sunlight exposure: Long-term exposure to sunlight will make bamboo yellow, crack, affect the beauty and service life. Therefore, it is best to put the bamboo shovel in a ventilated environment to avoid exposure to sunlight.

Regular oil rub: You can choose edible oil or olive oil to apply on the surface of the bamboo cooking utensils,play a protective role, and can prevent bamboo dry cracking. But do not overapply, otherwise it may affect food hygiene.

Regular replacement: If the surface of the bamboo shovel is obviously damaged or moldy, it should be replaced in time to ensure food safety.

Dry treatment: The kitchen utensil after soaking should be dried immediately with a clean rag or allowed to air dry. Do not rush to use before use, so as to avoid wet inside the kitchen utensil to breed bacteria or dust.

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Handling of newly purchased bamboo kitchen utensil set: If it is a newly purchased bamboo kitchen utensil, there may be a slight odor. You can choose to boil some tea water to remove the odor, which will not only help eliminate the odor, but also maintain the natural aroma of the kitchen utensil. However, this step is not necessary and can be decided according to personal preference.

Post time: Jan-19-2024