How should I clean my bamboo cutting board?What if the cutting board gets moldy?

A cutting board is an indispensable utensible in our kitchen, whether it is chopping vegetables, chopping meat, or rolling noodles. Its biggest role is to help us use knives, so we are always easy to leave some juice or some thin branches on the cutting board, if not cleaned up in time, it may cause mold on the cutting board. When we buy bamboo cutting board, how should we clean it, if the cutting board in the process of use mold, then what should we do, this news will tell you a few tips:


1, with boiling water, boiling water will wash the surface again, the new factory cutting board surface will have a thin layer of wax, to prevent the cutting board cracking, second can prevent mildew.

2. Heat the cooking oil until the oil is boiling, then use it to pour the new bamboo cutting board, and evenly treat until the oil is fully in contact with the bamboo cutting board.

3, front and back as well as corners should be smeared, after smearing in a ventilated place to dry.What should we do if the cutting board is moldy

1,Wait until the cutting board is pasteurized and then take it out, cool it down and dry it with a clean rag. This kind of disinfection means hot water, such hot water temperature is very good. After opening, directly place the cutting board inside and soak it for about 20 For about a minute, wait until the cutting board has been pasteurized before taking it out. After cooling, dry it with a clean rag. This way of pasteurization can be done once a week.

2,We can use salt to sterilize, you can directly apply the salt on the cutting board, roughly covered – layer, so placed – for a period of time, and then clean with water, and then wipe with a dry cloth, so that the salt method can not only kill bacteria, but also prevent mold on the cutting board.


Post time: Aug-25-2023