Bamboo Wooden Multi-Color Cutting Board For Kitchen

Bamboo Cutting Board-Wooden Chopping Board With Juice Groove-Charcuterie Board-Serving Platter For Cheese,Bread,Meat,Vegetables

  • Size:
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Color: Natural,White
  • Occasion: Kitchen
  • Style: Modern
  • Origin: China
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    Mess-Free: Our extra big cutting board with juice well holds more liquid than any other bamboo cutting board set and keeps juices from leaking all over your counter. Our bamboo kitchen cutting boards are ideal for serving and carving meals.

    All-Natural Choice: Natural cutting board with eco-friendly features that is already covered in food grade mineral oil. A excellent choice for your family and the environment, made from renewable Bambusa material. Because the aroma of bamboo dissipates rapidly, enjoy it while it lasts.

    Knife-Friendly Surface Area: When you carve turkey, chop vegetables, prepare steak meat, roast beef, cook bbq brisket, slice cheese, cut pizza, fish, fruit, or vegetables on a cutting board, your pricey knife set will not be dulled. When compared to other huge butcher block, noodle, teak, hard plastic, or thick hardwood end grain cutting block, this is the best choice for cutlery utensils.

    Happy Cooks Everywhere: Home cooks to professional chefs working in restaurants, commercial kitchens, caterers, and bakeries. It comes in a gift-worthy box that is suitable for any occasion.

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