Bamboo Round Storage Organizer Countertop Tray With Turntable Base

Bamboo  Wooden 4-Section Round Turntable Storage Organizer-Smooth 360 Degree Rotating Tray Serving For Kitchen Home

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  • Material: Bamboo
  • Color: Natural
  • Occasion: Kitchen,Home
  • Style: Modern
  • Origin: China
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    Multi-purpose Cabinet Organizer: The organizer can store anything, organize your disorganized cupboards, and get you what you want with a single turn. Ideal for storing condiments, bath items, and jam jars. It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, dining table, or outdoors.

    Tray Removable: For daily use, the tray and turntable can be utilized individually at any time. You can also use nano double-sided tape to secure the tray and turntable while turning; the tape will not leave a trace when broken.

    Easy Access: With the help of our turntable's steady rotation system you can quickly reach the bottles and cans that are often tucked away in the cabinet to save other items from toppling over.

    360° Silky Rotating Base: The base turntable features a steel ball track rotation technology that may be utilized on both sides, 360° smooth rotation, a non-slip surface, and a maximum load-bearing capacity of 10KG.

    Quality Material: The storage organizer is composed of natural bamboo, which makes it more robust, quiet, and sturdy while rotating. The natural bamboo stripes enhance the beauty of the lazy susan turntable, which can be paired with any style of furniture.

    Easy To Use: When the upper closet is stuffed, it's difficult to see and remove goods from behind. It may assist you; all you need to do is place your items in the lazy susan turntable and spin it; then you can easily see and access the items in the upper closet, making it more convenient and efficient.

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    Ningbo Yawen is a well-know Kitchenware & Homeware supplier with the ability of ODM and OEM. Specialize in supplying wooden and bamboo cutting board, wooden and bamboo kitchen utensils, wooden and bamboo storage and organizer, wooden and bamboo laundry , bamboo cleaning, bamboo bathroom set etc over 24 years. Moreover, we focus on providing high-end brands from product and package design, new mold development, sample supporting and after- sales services as one of the complete solutions. With the effort of our team, our products were sold to Europe, US, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Brazil, and our turnover is over 50 million.

    Ningbo Yawen provide the complete solution of research & development, sample supporting, superior quality insurance and fast response service. There are thousands of products in our showing room over 2000m³for your selection. With professional and experienced marketing and sourcing team, we’re able to offer our customers the right products and best prices with excellent service. We established our own design company in 2007 in Paris, to make our product more competitive on the targeted market. Our in-house design department consistently develops new items and new packages to meet the latest trends in the market.

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